"Because we all need a helping hand sometimes"
"With a little help .. disabled people can reach for the sky!"
"It's far more than a holiday to me – 3H help me to see that there is life after disability"

Great News!

We are very proud to be accepted as a member of the fundraising regulator, the independent regulator of charitable fundraising. 


Click the picture below to learn about how to help 3H Fund by taking the 2.6 Challenge!

2.6 Challenge


On Sunday 26th April we were all very busy completing challenges for the 2.6 Challenge!



Corina completed a 2.6 Kilometre run!


Claire flipped pancakes 26 times.

Kaitlin completed 26 Star Jumps, 26 Burpees, 26 Sit-Ups and 26 Squats!

Max hopped 26 times on one leg and then 26 times on the other proving you are never too young to raise money for your favourite charity!


Sam and Edd completed their 2.6 Ping Pong Rally with a 26 hit volley!

We have even had pets getting involved in the 2.6 Challenge!

A massive thank you to Twiglet and her amazing ball skills! She happily fetched the ball 26 times for her 3H fundraising challenge.

Fundraising for the 2.6 Challenge closes on Sunday 10th May so if you would like to donate, please click one of the buttons below!  








3H Fund (Helping Hands for Holidays) is 45 this year!  


So many people have enjoyed amazing holidays with 3H Fund either as a family or on our group holidays since 1975.

We love hearing everyone’s favourite holiday memories and we would like to share some with you!

“For me, 3H is all about family, one in which our differences are not only accepted but celebrated too.
My favourite moments are when we’re all out together, exploring the local attractions or reeking havoc on “Bob’s Boat”. As a team we tackle accessibility issues, inclement weather and occasionally public perception…but always with a smile on our faces and a song on our lips!
Days on the water are always my favourite…not least because it usually involves a picnic moored up on some deserted island. We spend all day trying to keep the guests dry and warm, and then in the final 30 mins, most insist on being thrown or dunked in the Lake!!!!” Steph




2019 Catamaran Fun in the Lake District


 Especially in these times, I find myself thinking back to summer last year.
A big part of that was the 3H holiday! One of my favourite memories was the sunny day we took the Catamaran boat out on lake Windermere. 

We all had our sunglasses out, enjoying a cool breeze from the sailing. We spent time talking about what 3H means to the volunteers— why we choose year after year to return back and how important the holiday is to our guests.
This was never more clear than when one of our guests sprawled himself out on the netting, with the water beneath and looked like he was in paradise!”  Maya


“I have loved every holiday I have volunteered with 3H! I initially volunteered thinking I may make some small difference – little did I realise it would be me that would treasure these holidays away!
The whole week away is full of belly aching laughter, life-changing opportunities and the most exciting itinerary from wheelchair rock climbing
to zipwires to eating lemon meringue on a catamaran!
I have been astonished by the guests’ resilience, persistence and determination! As well as making lasting friendships!
What other holiday can you go in as strangers and come out as a part of a fantastic family?” Lucy



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We manage a number of restricted funds so please let us know if you wish to help people in a particular geographical area; a specific disability; children, adults or carers. We will use donated funds according to your criteria and report back when the money has been spent.






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