2.6 Challenge

On Sunday 26th April we were all very busy completing challenges for the 2.6 Challenge!

Corina completed a 2.6 kilometre run!


Claire flipped pancakes 26 times.

Kaitlin completed 26 Star Jumps, 26 Burpees, 26 Sit-Ups and 26 Squats!

Max hopped 26 times on one leg and then 26 times on the other proving you are never too young to raise money for your favourite charity!

Sam and Edd completed their 2.6 Ping Pong Rally with a 26 hit volley!


We have even had pets getting involved in the 2.6 Challenge!

A massive thank you to Twiglet and her amazing ball skills! She happily fetched the ball 26 times for her 3H fundraising challenge.

Fundraising for the 2.6 Challenge closed on Sunday May 10th but if you would still like to
donate please go to our ‘Make a Donation’ page.

3H - Helping Hands for Holidays