First 3H “TeensOut” Day trip a success

3H took its first group of teens on their day out on Sunday, May 7th.  Eight fantastic teens from Valence School enjoyed new experiences not normally open to them.  They felt the exileration of a zipwire high off the ground, dabbled in a bit of archery and enjoyed a play filled swim in the pool at Hindleap Warren in the Ashdown Forest.  All 8 had fun and built confidence at a venue that catered for their specific needs.

As a Charity, 3H Fund has always recognised the difficulty disabled people may have in planning and experiencing holiday and leisure activities.  For over forty years, 3H has organised holidays and awarded holiday grants for thousands of disabled people, as well as providing much needed respite opportunities for carers.

Now, 3H has launch a new charitable initiative for disabled teenagers, to sit alongside the existing holiday, grant and carer programmes. “TEENSOUT” aims to take multiple groups of disabled young people (11-19 years) and their volunteer carers in minibuses for free fun days, intially from our local community with a desire to spread the programme wider in coming years.

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