Time Travel Tour of Tunbridge Wells

Here is an amazing and unique opportunity to see history and the current day in the same photograph. In support of  3H Fund and West Kent Mind, Jonathan Bolland from AXA PPP and Ed Langridge, 3H Trustee have created this wonderful photo art book ‘The Time Travel Tour of Tunbridge Wells’. It shows images of daily life many years ago contrasted and displayed with those of today. We see 100 years in one scene, sometimes showing great change and sometimes very little.

With fascinating snippets of information and beautifully matched photos from the past and present day, this is a lovely book to have in your collection. It would also make an excellent Christmas gift! The book costs only £10. We are delighted to say that all proceeds will go to 3H and West Kent Mind. We hope you enjoy it.

To buy one or more a copies of the book please visit www.timetravel.photo

Our thanks go to Jonathan, Ed and AXA PPP Healthcare for their support.



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