Grant Programme

Our grant programme assists families on a low income who have a family member with disabilities to organise their own UK holiday. The grant is given for the accommodation part of the holiday and is paid directly to the chosen venue. The charity liaise with social workers and caring organisations to assist applicants and to identify those needing assistance.

Carers can also be awarded a grant for a UK holiday away from their caring role.




“I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how thankful we are that 3H allowed us to go on that amazing week away. It was perfect from beginning to end…. like a dream come true, to go somewhere that all the family can take part and be together. Holly achieved so much – abseiling, cycling, sailing, canoeing, swimming… the memory will stay with me forever. We also made some wonderful friends there, the disco night was a night I will never forget….thank you so much 3H, it was one of the best weeks of our life.”





We have re-opened our UK Grant Programme; however we only have restricted funding available for the following UK geographical areas.

Please DO NOT complete an Enquiry Form if you do not live in one of these areas as we are unable to help with a grant at this time and your form will not be considered.


Bristol (aged 65 and over)
Derbyshire (those aged under 21)
East Sussex

Children and Young People with mobility issues (Wheelchair users)
Elderly and people over 70 


This list is reviewed and updated as funds are awarded/received.  However, our fundraising efforts continue throughout the year, so please keep checking our website for the latest information.  Please note that grants awarded for 2020 holidays will need to be taken by 31st December 2020.

To register your interest, please complete the Enquiry Form/Low Income Form via the link below.  Unfortunately, due to high volumes we are unable to acknowledge receipt of individual forms; if we are able to help with a grant you will be sent an application pack (preferably via email) in due course.



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The Enquiry Form/Low Income Form can be completed here.
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