I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how thankful we are that 3H allowed us to go on that amazing week away. It was perfect from beginning to end…. like a dream come true, to go somewhere that all the family can take part and be together. Holly achieved so much – abseiling, cycling, sailing, canoeing, swimming… the memory will stay with me forever. We also made some wonderful friends there, the disco night was a night I will never forget….thank you so much 3H, it was one of the best weeks of our life.

Every year, 3H run a programme offering grants to assist disabled people and their families on low income to organise a UK holiday for themselves. The grants are given for the accommodation part of the holiday and are paid direct to the chosen venue. The charity liaise with social workers and caring organisations to assist applicants and to identify those needing assistance. Carers can also be awarded a grant for a holiday away from their caring role.

The Grant Programme is now closed. 

If you have completed an enquiry form during January, we will send you an application pack ONLY if you meet the criteria and we have the funding available.  If you don’t receive an application pack during this round, we may be able to send you one at a later date pending more funding being available.

Please see attached form below:

For 2018 Guidance notes, click here

The enquiry form is not available as the grant programme is currently closed.

We have funding for carers to have an overnight stay at Burrswood, a health and wellbeing retreat in Groombridge, near Tunbridge Wells.  If this is of interest to you, please telephone 3H for further information on 01892 860207.  These breaks are for carers to have a period of respite without the person they care for.

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