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‘We were very stressed before the holiday but felt more relaxed and had more energy to cope with everyday life. We are so grateful for this opportunity to get away and can’t thank 3H enough for helping us to enjoy quality family time away. Thank you!’


We need your help more than ever.  Make a donation to make a difference!

Last year, we helped over 600 people get a break away, but we always have to turn some away. So the more funds we can raise, the more people we can help.



Tax Efficient Giving

Individual taxpayers
Gift Aid: Tax efficient giving

As long as you complete a simple form The 3H Foundation can claim back the basic tax element on your donation. So, for example, for every £8.00 you donate the charity will receive £10. Higher rate taxpayers can claim back the difference between the basic and higher rate.


All charitable donations can now be fully offset against corporation tax.

Payroll Giving

We welcome gifts through the Payroll Giving scheme when you gain full tax relief on your donations. Providing your company offers the Payroll Giving scheme you can donate monthly to The 3H Foundation in a very tax efficient way. The benefit to you is that the agreed deduction from your pay is made before you pay tax and the benefit to The 3H Foundation is of course regular donations. For example, see below

Your Monthly pledge to The 3H Foundation (gross) Actual cost to you
@ 20% tax
Actual cost to you
@ 40% tax
£10.00 £8.00 £6.00

So if you pay tax at the basic rate it will only cost you £8.00 to donate £10.00 to 3H Fund.

If you want to contribute to The 3H Foundation through Payroll Giving, you can either email for further information or contact the The 3H Foundation office.


Most people want to leave money and possessions to their family and friends when they die. However many also wish to be remembered by the causes they support and leaving a charitable legacy is an excellent way of achieving this.

If you decide to leave a legacy to The 3H Foundation you can be assured that your money will give disabled people the chance to enjoy a holiday and help carers have a much needed break.

Recent bequests have enabled us to award bursaries to severely disabled young people to enjoy our activity holidays.

Making a gift in memory of a loved one

Many families choose to make a donation to charity in lieu of flowers at a funeral. It can be of great comfort to remember someone by doing something positive and meaningful. You can be sure that we will use any donations wisely and effectively.


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