Our TeensPLUS programme started in 2017 as TeensOut.
The programme was created to enhance the lives of young people with disabilities and young carers through days out.   

Since March 2021 the programme has grown to include all young people with disabilities and young carers/young adult carers from ages 13 to 25.  The TeensPLUS programme now provides activities to do at home and works with schools and youth organisations to arrange funded activities and day trips. 

Mini Challenge for Young Carers aged 13 – 25.
If you would like to join one of the Young Carers challenges, please click the link below.

Young Carer Gardening Challenge

Young Carer Wildlife Challenge



All of our challenges have a range of activities to complete relating to the topic. 

Each pack will have clear instructions and the equipment needed to complete the activities.   

The TeensPLUS Challenge is open to Young Carers ages 13 – 25. 

 Please read the terms and conditions for further information.

Challenge Terms and Conditions 


As a new academic year begins TeensPLUS is looking forward to supporting:

More Young Carers

More people aged 13 – 25 with disabilities

More organisations who support people aged 13 – 25 with disabilities

And More organisations who support young carers!

“Thank you so much for funding this trip – it was the very first excursion out of lockdown and for some who have only just returned from shielding this week, it has been the best thing they have done for over a year!”





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